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Leading Security Standards

We implement best-practice security measures, which include frequent audits, bug bounty programs, economic risk assessment, incident response planning, and real-time monitoring.

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Experienced Leadership

Our leadership team possesses extensive experience from prominent institutions such as


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Secure Money Market

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High-Level Security

Kinza Finance prioritizes security with innovative security features. Asset Isolation insulates volatile assets from stable assets to avoid contagion. Protected Collateral allows users to protect their capital from borrowers.

Next Gen Capital Efficiency: LRTs

Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs) free up Ethereum and POS chain staker' capital. Kinza Finance continues to expand and support the widest selection of LRTs with deep liquidity and boosted yield.

Real Yield

We align token emissions with fees generated using a unique veTokenomics model called ve-Real-Yield. Users can stake the native Kinza token KZA to direct future token emissions, and collect fees and bribes.


Unlocking Trillions

Bitcoin staking taps 21 Million Bitcoin, unlocking trillions of capital to secure POS chains, and stimulating yield for BTC hodlers. Kinza native BTC LRT, powered by our development collaborators at Babylon, will free up BTC staker capital and serve as a frictionless portal into the DeFi landscape for BTC stakers. Kinza BTC LRT is in development.

Yield-Bearing L2

Automates Restaking Yield

Experience the power, speed, and efficiency that a modular L2 provides, turboboosted with under-the-hood auto-compounding yield. Kinza Layer 2, unifies disparate yield opportunties from restaking yield, providing automated yield transferred to users via rebasing. POS validator yield is automatically rebased into BTC for stakers. Kinza L2 supports all EVM infrastructure and toolkits for easy deployment for developers. Kinza L2 is in development.

KZA Token

Token launch date not yet announced. Deposit right now to earn airdrop!