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Leading Security Standards

We implement best-practice security measures, which include frequent audits, bug bounty programs, economic risk assessment, incident response planning, and real-time monitoring.

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Experienced Leadership

Our leadership team possesses extensive experience from prominent institutions


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Asset Isolation

To avoid contagion in extreme market conditions, we use an isolation system to insulate volatile assets from stable assets.

Protected Collateral

We allow users to withhold their collateral from borrowers, limiting trading risks, short selling opportunities, and governance manipulation.


Real Yields

Kinza generates real revenue from interest for liquidity providers and token holders. Powerful tokenomics encourages borrowing through weekly KZA emissions.


We align token emissions with fees generated using a unique veTokenomics model called ve-Real-Yield. Kinza Finance users can stake the native Kinza token KZA to direct future token emissions, and collect fees and bribes.

Novel Assets

Bitcoin, Inscription, Real-World Assets — these are all DeFi frontiers Kinza Finance is exploring and building on. The Kinza Finance development team is actively pushing the limits of the current DeFi landscape to grant users access to more novel asset classes and innovative investment opportunities. Kinza Finance aims to tap into and fuel this potential, building the most exciting, secure, and capital-efficient opportunities for DeFi investors.

KZA Token

Token launch date not yet announced. Deposit right now to earn airdrop!



  • $KZA TGE & Airdrop!
  • Marketing Escalation
  • KINZA War Begins!
  • Mobile UI
  • Internationalization

Q1 2024

  • Novel Asset Opportunities
  • More Security Features & Audits

Q3 2024


Q4 2023

  • Referral System
  • Points System
  • Multichain Launch
  • Strategic Round Fundraising

Q2 2024

  • LP-Fi
  • Dynamic Risk Parameters
  • Hack Monitor & Prevention
  • Asset Isolation Upgrade